Book Reviews: Edition 21

Book Reviews: Edition 21 focuses on Me too!, Super Gay, and Toofus. Me too!: The story of a little dog that wanted more and more… Me too!: The story of a little dog that wanted more and more… is written by Lea Kirshenberg and illustrated by Bhangga Santoso. The only criticism I have for thisContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 21”

Book Reviews: Edition 20

Book Reviews: Edition 20 focuses on It Must Be Spring, The Grandmother and the fox, and The True Treasure. It Must Be Spring It Must Be Spring was written by Michelle Wang and illustrated by Uliana Barabash. First, the formatting made this a little hard to read. I felt as if I was seeing fourContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 20”

Book Reviews: Edition 19

Book Reviews: Edition 19 focuses on Autumn, Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari: A Story of One Little Penguin who Wanted to Meet the Wild Animals of Africa, and Herman, The Fourth Little Pig. Autumn Autumn is written by Leah Leslie. While I did find this to be one of her better books, one thingContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 19”

Book Reviews: Edition 18

Book Reviews: Edition 18 will focus on The Strong Butterfly, A-Z Character Book (A-Z Series), and A Gymkhana With Dee and Friends (Rocking Horse Rodeo). The Strong Butterfly The Strong Butterfly is written by Leah Leslie. I think I’ve read books by Leah Leslie before. And, this was probably one of my favorites of herContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 18”

AprilCoxTravel & Freelance Announcements and September Updates

September Updates for AprilCox and Freelance. AprilCoxTravel I’ve had to made the difficult decision to temporarily close the travel arm of my business. This will likely not be permanent. And, I will keep you posted on when we are reopening. Andie Campbell, Author There’s apparently been a delay with my next book coming out, andContinue reading “AprilCoxTravel & Freelance Announcements and September Updates”

Book Reviews: Edition 17

Book Reviews: Edition 17 focuses on ABC Picture Book, Summer, and GROWING UP WITH BENDIE THE SQUIRREL: I CAN MAKE MY BED. ABC Picture Book ABC Picture Book is written b y Leah Leslie. The concept is very simple–just a letter and a picture of something that begins with that letter. It’s great for kidsContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 17”

Book Reviews: Edition 16

Book Reviews Edition 16 will focus on Where There’s a Witch, There’s a Way (An Eira Snow Cozy Mystery Book 1). Where There’s a Witch, There’s a Way was written by Victoria Deluis. I will be using my new rubric to review this book. Please see below: Character 16-Above Average While I thought the mainContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 16”

Book Reviews: Edition 15

Book Reviews: Edition 15 focuses on Holy Fruit Toots Rosie!, The Fun Thieves, and Canada: My Home. Holy Fruit Toots Rosie! Holy Fruit Toots Rosie! was written by Christine J. Logan and illustrated by Gayatri Ray. This was a cute and funny story about a serious issue. And, it’s great way to teach kids aboutContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 15”

Book Reviews: Edition 14

Book Reviews: Edition 14 will focus on Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure, Playing Through the Seasons: Warm Sun, Wet Toes, and Mason and the Kodiak. Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure is written by Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis and illustrated by Zuzana Svobodova. WhileContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 14”

Book Reviews: Edition 12

For Book Reviews: Edition 12, I will be reviewing What Can Donna Draw?, Timothy and His Missing Tooth, and Eco-Friendly Tips Will Save Taffy Turtle and Her Friends: Climate Solutions Simplified (Protecting the Environment and Saving the Turtles Book 4). What Can Donna Draw? What Can Donna Draw? was written by Lourdine Joseph and illustratedContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 12”

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