Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27

You arrive at the home and knock on the door. A man comes to the door. You: Devon Miller? Miller: Yes. You: I’m working with the FBI. Have you heard from your son, Braden, recently? Mrs. Miller (from inside): Devon, what’s going on? Miller: She’s asking about Braden. You: We’re trying to find him. Mrs.Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-7

You: You’re tipping off the terrorists. West: That is a very dangerous accusation. I hope you have evidence to back it up. Kelsey: I don’t think she’s making an accusation. I think she’s just concerned because the Suravindas showed up just after your initial broadcast. West: I will keep that in mind. In the meantime,Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-7”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-9

Anita Bennett: You know, for a minute there I was excited that I had visitors. Then I found it was only you. What has my despicable offspring done this time? Kelsey: Nothing. But Ciarra Raine is in Santa Barbara. Anita: Is that supposed to mean something to me? Kelsey: Guess not. Thank you for yourContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-9”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter 2

Agent West: So, you’ve brought me another body and no leads? Kelsey: We have witnesses that positively identified Ben and Ciarra Raine. I also think I know who the witness was to Dr. Weiss’s murder. Agent West: And I’m just hearing about this now? Kelsey: Yes, because I couldn’t reveal her identity before without potentiallyContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter 2”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-2

Kelsey: Chelsea’s roommate’s name is Marquita Camren. They’re both freshman science majors. *knocks on the door Student: No one’s been back to that room since the shooting. Kelsey: I’m… Student: I know. Agent Reed with the FBI. Quinn…Chelsea…she disappeared before the shooting…and so did Marquita. Kelsey: What’s your name? Student: Maria. Maria Holmes. Kelsey: Maria,Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-2”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 1-7

You: We should go to the office. Kelsey: I agree. I don’t really know the layout here, and I don’t want to waste any time. *She leads you to the office, where the receptionist is lying on the floor in a pool of blood in front of her desk chair. On the computer is aContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 1-7”