Are You Sexist? (You might be surprised)

Before you read this article please take the Human Rights Channel’s quiz on whether or not you are sexist. You can find the quiz here. My results on the quiz, just so you know I actually took it: So, how did I score so high? Because I’ve been researching gender equality and sexist behavior forContinue reading “Are You Sexist? (You might be surprised)”

Tesla Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm: I’m getting really tired of hearing about things like this. It’s not that I don’t believe the women coming forward–I do; that’s the problem. It’s the fact that weContinue reading “Tesla Sexual Harassment Lawsuits”

Facebook Prefers Scammers over Small Businesses

I had a rough night last night. Yet another of my boosted posts on Facebook had been denied with them saying that it was a scam. The video above is from a year ago, but it’s still very accurate in my opinion because I believe: Facebook prefers scammers over small businesses. Facebook Yard Sale GroupsContinue reading “Facebook Prefers Scammers over Small Businesses”

How I Spent My New Years Eve

If you read my Alone for Christmas post, then you know that I don’t have family to spend the holidays with. I have spent New Years Eve with friends in the past, but given the state of things with COVID, I thought it best if I didn’t hold any live events. I don’t mind travelingContinue reading “How I Spent My New Years Eve”

Who I Really Am

Hi, everyone! Sorry about the gap in posts recently–I’ve had a lot going on the last few weeks, both good and bad, but the end result is that I think it’s time for me to share who I am with the rest of the world. The name Andie Campbell is an alias I chose forContinue reading “Who I Really Am”