The Difference Between Pro-life and Anti-Abortion

The last several years have been a very scary time in America. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was a low point in the history of our country. And, something that generations to come will condemn us for. Striking down Roe v Wade is just the latest of what they are guilty of, because RoeContinue reading “The Difference Between Pro-life and Anti-Abortion”

Weekly Review in Politics: Roe v Wade

It leaked this week that the Republican Supermajority on the Supreme Court is planning to overturn Roe v Wade. Everybody is up in arms about it, but my question is, ‘where were they before?’ We knew they were going to do this, so where was the outrage when the Republicans stacked the court? To beContinue reading “Weekly Review in Politics: Roe v Wade”

Gas and Inflation Are the Result of Corporate Greed

Before I get into the issue of the week: Gas and Inflation, I want to explain a little about me. I am in my 30s and originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Several years ago, I moved to Los Angeles for gradschool. Now, I was raised in a traditional, lower class, white Christian family, and I wasContinue reading “Gas and Inflation Are the Result of Corporate Greed”

Jesus and the Church

“Let me tell you a story.” I can imagine that that is how many of Jesus’ sermons began.  We think of Jesus like this folk hero to the masses, but sometimes I think we forget who he was in light of the time he lived.   The Old World Let me tell you a story. It’sContinue reading “Jesus and the Church”

Feminism Is

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, feminism is: “belief in and advocacy of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes expressed especially through organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests”. I would like to generalize that further to the belief in and advocacy of political, economic, and social equality of all sexes,Continue reading “Feminism Is”

Creators for Peace and How You Can Help Displaced Children from Ukraine

The focus on the news these days seems to be Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine. There’s speculation into Putin’s mental instability and all of the damage he is causing. The level of trauma he is causing to adults, many of whom who are fleeing the country, is devastating. What’s worse is that half of theContinue reading “Creators for Peace and How You Can Help Displaced Children from Ukraine”

Covert Sexism & the Messages in Media

I’ve posted about Sexism in Chapters previously on my feminist blog, as well as talked about Twilight and other things referring to covert sexism. Here’s the problem: most people do not believe covert sexism exists. And anyone who tries to raise awareness is called sexist or mentally ill at best. The truth is It’s NotContinue reading “Covert Sexism & the Messages in Media”