Religious Zealots and Birth Control

Advertisements The video’s from last week, but that doesn’t change the outrage. I don’t have any need for birth control or condoms, but why is it anyone else’s business? Religious Zealots are now denying women access to condoms and birth control for religious reasons. Or is it just that the Republicans want all women toContinue reading “Religious Zealots and Birth Control”

Still No Arrest or Accountability

Advertisements The entire country watched in fear as our capital was besieged 568 days ago and counting. The January 6 Committee had laid out an air tight case proving that Donald J. Trump was not only responsible for the attack on Jan 6, but that he reveled in it. Still no arrest or accountability. Yet,Continue reading “Still No Arrest or Accountability”

Jan 6 Committee Hearing 7

Advertisements There are two main takeaways that I got out of the Jan 6 Committee Hearing Day 7. First, this focused on the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, as well as others at the insurrection itself. They also included recorded testimony from Peter Navarro and Bill Barr. (That part was mostly a repeat ofContinue reading “Jan 6 Committee Hearing 7”

US Rape Culture is a Large Part of Why I Am Pro-Choice

Advertisements Republicans say that it’s important to investigate how this happened rather than providing an abortion. Here’s why it happened: Republicans response to this situation is that they just want to prevent it from happening again. How? Rape is currently the most underreported crime in the US, as well as being the most prevalent crime.Continue reading “US Rape Culture is a Large Part of Why I Am Pro-Choice”

Jan 6 Committee Emergency Hearing & Scotus Rulings

Advertisements A lot has happened in the last week. While I will touch on all of it, I will only go into Scotus overturning Roe v Wade in detail this week. Please read on for my take on the Jan 6 Committee Emergency Hearing & Scotus Rulings from this week. I don’t have a lotContinue reading “Jan 6 Committee Emergency Hearing & Scotus Rulings”

January 6th Hearings Days 4 & 5

Advertisements Day 4 of the hearings focused on the Big Lie: that the election had been stolen. In particular, we heard from individuals who worked at the polls in battleground states. We also heard how they were threatened and ultimately resigned. Day 5 focused on the justice department and Donald Trump’s attempts to takeover theContinue reading “January 6th Hearings Days 4 & 5”

January 6 Committee Hearings 2 & 3

Advertisements January Committee Hearings 2 & 3 focused on the Big Lie and on Trump’s attempts to get Vice President Mike Pence to to overturn the election. Day 2’s Hearing focused on Trump’s claim that the election had been stolen. It’s important to note here is that nearly every witness shown on video or testifyingContinue reading “January 6 Committee Hearings 2 & 3”

January 6th Congressional Hearings

Advertisements The January 6 Congressional hearings started on Thursday, June 9 at 5 PM P.S.T. Rep Bennie Thompson gave the opening statements before handing things over to his co-chair Liz Cheney. She outlined the case of what they will be presenting, starting with depositions where Trump’s inner circle stated that there was no fraud. ThenContinue reading “January 6th Congressional Hearings”

Peter Navarro Has Finally Been Indicted for Contempt of Congress. Now What?

Advertisements Two months ago, Peter Navarro ignored a congressional subpoena and was referred to the Federal Justice Department for contempt charges. Now, two months later, he has finally been indicted. According to Glen Kirschner, the attorney in the above video, he believes that Navarro also refused to cooperate with the US Justice Department, and thatContinue reading “Peter Navarro Has Finally Been Indicted for Contempt of Congress. Now What?”

The Federal Justice Department and January 6

Advertisements Last week, the Federal Justice Department requested thousands of files related to the January 6 committee’s investigation, and the January 6 Committee is pushing back on this. While I understand the January 6 Committee’s frustration with the justice department, but I think they’re being stupid. While I understand that there is information they areContinue reading “The Federal Justice Department and January 6”

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