The Difference Between Pro-life and Anti-Abortion

The last several years have been a very scary time in America. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was a low point in the history of our country. And, something that generations to come will condemn us for. Striking down Roe v Wade is just the latest of what they are guilty of, because RoeContinue reading “The Difference Between Pro-life and Anti-Abortion”

Weekly Review in Politics: Roe v Wade

It leaked this week that the Republican Supermajority on the Supreme Court is planning to overturn Roe v Wade. Everybody is up in arms about it, but my question is, ‘where were they before?’ We knew they were going to do this, so where was the outrage when the Republicans stacked the court? To beContinue reading “Weekly Review in Politics: Roe v Wade”

International Harry Potter Day

Today is International Harry Potter Day! In celebration, I will be watching the movies today. And, at 8 PM Pacific Standard Time, I will be livestreaming about Harry Potter. Join me at 8 PM tonight here for crafts, trivia, quizzes, and more! Similar Posts You Might Enjoy: Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tickets

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-7

You: You’re tipping off the terrorists. West: That is a very dangerous accusation. I hope you have evidence to back it up. Kelsey: I don’t think she’s making an accusation. I think she’s just concerned because the Suravindas showed up just after your initial broadcast. West: I will keep that in mind. In the meantime,Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-7”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-9

Anita Bennett: You know, for a minute there I was excited that I had visitors. Then I found it was only you. What has my despicable offspring done this time? Kelsey: Nothing. But Ciarra Raine is in Santa Barbara. Anita: Is that supposed to mean something to me? Kelsey: Guess not. Thank you for yourContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-9”

Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review

As I stated on the overview video of the rides on my VIP Experience and in previous blog posts, Pets Off the Leash was not my favorite ride. I didn’t really dislike it–I like all of the rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it was just a little slow for my tastes. TheContinue reading “Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review”