December Singing Announcements

There is a lot coming up in the month of December. Here are my December Singing Announcements. Frozen Music Show Frozen Music Show, starring Marissa Mann as Elsa, and Andie Campbell as Anna, premieres on Youtube on December 20, 2022 at 8:00 PM PST (11 PM EST). For more information about casting, you can checkContinue reading “December Singing Announcements”

Choosing Songs that Fit Your Voice Part

Choosing songs that fit your voice part is largely guided by the voice part that best describes your voice. Vocal Range & Register Vocal range is part of what sets each voice part apart from another. But, register is really what determines voice part and the types of songs that work best for your voice.Continue reading “Choosing Songs that Fit Your Voice Part”

How to Figure Out Your Voice Part

There are three key things you must know in order to figure out your voice part: your vocal range, your vocal register or tessitura, and where your two vocal passagios are. Your Vocal Range The way to figure out your vocal range is literally to sit in front of a keyboard and play the notesContinue reading “How to Figure Out Your Voice Part”

November Music Announcements

I now have a new music blog which will focus on singing technique and other topics on music. Here are my November Music Announcements. Voice Lessons Also new this month are beginner voice lessons for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Regular prices are $15/half hour and $25/hour. Sign up for your discounted lesson today! FrozenContinue reading “November Music Announcements”

October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements

Fall is officially here, and Halloween is on its way. This is what you can expect from Andie Campbell, Author and Andie Campbell, Singer in the month of October. Here are the October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements. Andie Campbell, Author Believe in Yourself: Nutmeg’s Story My newest children’s book is finally out! You can get yourContinue reading “October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements”

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