The Raptor Encounter: Get Blue to React

Normally, the Raptor Encounter is just a photo op. You line up and everyone gets their turn to stand with Blue, and get their picture taken. But, if you want more of an interaction, bring a prop. Bring a Prop to the Raptor Encounter I’ve done the encounter with Blue three times–once in Orlando, andContinue reading “The Raptor Encounter: Get Blue to React”

Universal Studios Hollywood Character Interactions

Character interactions is probably one of my favorite parts of Universal Studios Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the rides. And, try to ride most, if not all of them on any given day. But, the rides almost never change. Character interactions do. These interactions are in chronological order as they appear inContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Character Interactions”

Parking Options at Universal Studios Hollywood

I’m going to go through the list of parking options for Universal Studios Hollywood from the cheapest to the most expensive if you are looking to spend the day there. There is also cheaper parking in the evening that I will not be covering. I highly recommend going to the park first thing in theContinue reading “Parking Options at Universal Studios Hollywood”

Tips for Casting Spells in Hogsmeade

Here are my tips for casting spells in Hogsmeade. Not really a tip, but you must have an interactive wand in order to cast spells. Tip #1: Keep Your Wrist Still According to a Wizarding World Emplyee, I was flicking my wrist too much. Or maybe I was flourishing it too much?. Remind you ofContinue reading “Tips for Casting Spells in Hogsmeade”

Universal Studios Hollywood February 2022 Updates, Tips, & Tricks

Universal Studios Hollywood updates, tips, & tricks from my February 17 trip. COVID Restrictions With state and county restrictions lessening, the mask mandate for Universal Studios has been lifted. Masks are still required indoors, but you are no longer required to wear them outdoors. They also did not check for covid vaccination or negative testContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood February 2022 Updates, Tips, & Tricks”

Jurassic World Attraction Rankings

#7. Jurassic Cafe Mostly this is at the bottom of the list because it wasn’t open when I was there. #6. Isla Nu-bar I don’t really drink, so although this was open, I did not go, and it wasn’t really something that I was interested in. #5. DinoPlay I also didn’t really stop off hereContinue reading “Jurassic World Attraction Rankings”

Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review

As I stated on the overview video of the rides on my VIP Experience and in previous blog posts, Pets Off the Leash was not my favorite ride. I didn’t really dislike it–I like all of the rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it was just a little slow for my tastes. TheContinue reading “Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review”

COVID Precautions at Universal Studios Hollywood

COVID Precautions A mask at all times unless actively eating or drinking Photo ID for anyone 18 or older And one of the following for anyone 5 or older: Proof of vaccination Negative rapid test results within 24 hours Proof of negative PCR test within 48 hours Update as of 2-20-22: Masks are no longerContinue reading “COVID Precautions at Universal Studios Hollywood”

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience Part III: Review & Character Interactions

Studio Tour I’m not a huge movie buff–if you’ve read my movie review posts then you know this. As a result, the studio tour is not always my favorite part of the park. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy just about everything about the park, but I don’t go for the studio tour. Unfortunately, this isContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience Part III: Review & Character Interactions”