Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This was perhaps what I was most looking forward to seeing. And while it was every bit as magical and amazing as I had expected, I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed as well. I think that the disappointment came from two different things: first, I didn’t get to spend as much timeContinue reading “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

Spending Christmas Alone

Christmas is always a little bitter sweet for me. I’m not close with my family, and I don’t want to intrude on my friends’ holidays. What I’ve learned though, is that it’s important to make the holidays my own. And it’s important to celebrate them in a way that makes me happy–even if that meansContinue reading “Spending Christmas Alone”

Disney Animal Kingdom

For those who believe in the magic of Disney and do not want anything to change that, I recommend you not read this post. I unfortunately have very little good to say about Disney or Disney Animal Kingdom as a result of this trip. Not My First Time Now, I should start off by sayingContinue reading “Disney Animal Kingdom”

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Private VIP Tour

The VIP Tour was probably my favorite part of the trip–really, there are no probablies about it–it was my favorite. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Universal Studios offers group and private VIP tours. For my birthday, since I had come into some money, I went for the private VIP tour option, which ranContinue reading “Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Private VIP Tour”

My Epic Universal Studios Birthday Trip

Hi, everyone! April here (aka Andie as you probably know me as). As stated on my Goddess blog and on my travel page, I am a travel agent, so in this blog, I will be talking about travel, particularly, trips I have taken. My most recent trip (and the reason for my absence last week)Continue reading “My Epic Universal Studios Birthday Trip”