Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay

Advertisements I went to Nojoqui Falls Park in November 2018, before the rainy season really got underway. Here is my Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay from my trip. While I felt safer making the short hike (.8 miles round trip) than some longer hikes due to being alone (there were others on the trail), thereContinue reading “Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay”

Memorial Day Trip Options in SoCal

Advertisements Memorial Day is coming up at the end of next month, so it’s best to plan now. Here are my recommendations for the best Memorial Day Trip Options in SoCal by type of trip. Best Couples’ Destination: Terranea Resort Okay, so Terranea Resort is not really that far outside of Los Angeles in PalosContinue reading “Memorial Day Trip Options in SoCal”

Things to Do in Santa Barbara

Advertisements Santa Barbara is located 95 miles north of Los Angeles and is approximately a 2 hour drive. It is known as both a beach and party town, although I am far more interested in the beach and adventure parts of it. So, below, I will go through my favorite things to do in SantaContinue reading “Things to Do in Santa Barbara”

5 SoCal Cities to Visit

Advertisements There is so much to do in SoCal that it would take many, many posts to list everything. I’ve brought together a bunch of hidden gems, so here are 5 SoCal cities to visit. 1. Santa Clarita Santa Clarita is a small town located approximately 1 hour north of Los Angeles via the 101Continue reading “5 SoCal Cities to Visit”

9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids

Advertisements It can be hard planning a trip, especially when you have kids or pets along, so here are nine things to do in Santa Barbara with kids. 1. Santa Barbara Zoo When looking for things to do in Santa Barbara with kids, the Santa Barbara zoo should be at the top of your list.Continue reading “9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids”

1 Day in San Diego Itinerary

Advertisements Pet owners know what it’s like. You plan a weekend getaway that includes your pet–arrive Friday evening after work, have Saturday to spend there, and then return home Sunday. If you’re lucky, you have Sunday to spend out with your pet, but you really only have one day that isn’t limited to pet friendlyContinue reading “1 Day in San Diego Itinerary”

The Raptor Encounter: Get Blue to React

Advertisements Normally, the Raptor Encounter is just a photo op. You line up and everyone gets their turn to stand with Blue, and get their picture taken. But, if you want more of an interaction, bring a prop. Bring a Prop to the Raptor Encounter I’ve done the encounter with Blue three times–once in Orlando,Continue reading “The Raptor Encounter: Get Blue to React”

Off the Beaten Track: Gibbon Conservation Center & Gilchrist Farm

Advertisements One of the tips in my ebook “How to plan an epic vacation on a budget”–go here to sign up for my mailing list to get your free copy–is to find smaller, lesser known attractions off the beaten path. In October of 2021, I went on a tour of the Gibbon Conservation Center inContinue reading “Off the Beaten Track: Gibbon Conservation Center & Gilchrist Farm”

Spending Christmas Alone

Advertisements Christmas is always a little bitter sweet for me. I’m not close with my family, and I don’t want to intrude on my friends’ holidays. What I’ve learned though, is that it’s important to make the holidays my own. And it’s important to celebrate them in a way that makes me happy–even if thatContinue reading “Spending Christmas Alone”

Disney Animal Kingdom

Advertisements For those who believe in the magic of Disney and do not want anything to change that, I recommend you not read this post. I unfortunately have very little good to say about Disney or Disney Animal Kingdom as a result of this trip. Not My First Time Now, I should start off byContinue reading “Disney Animal Kingdom”

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