COVID and Travel

Please see the current COVID and Travel regulations below: The CDC recommends being fully vaccinated before traveling. For COVID levels at your travel destination, you can check this map. Any and all travelers arriving at LAX must fill out a form acknowledging you will follow the CDC recommendations above. TSA recommends following all current guidelines,Continue reading “COVID and Travel”

9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids

It can be hard planning a trip, especially when you have kids or pets along, so here are nine things to do in Santa Barbara with kids. 1. Santa Barbara Zoo When looking for things to do in Santa Barbara with kids, the Santa Barbara zoo should be at the top of your list. TheContinue reading “9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids”

Tips & Tricks to Protect Against COVID while Traveling

#1 Travel by your own car whenever possible While airplane travel, public transportation, and ride share are reasonably safe, driving your own car is going to be the safest. This is because it limits exposure, which is the greatest protection against COVID available. #2 Avoid crowded indoor activities where possible; wear a mask where itContinue reading “Tips & Tricks to Protect Against COVID while Traveling”

COVID Precautions at Universal Studios Hollywood

COVID Precautions A mask at all times unless actively eating or drinking Photo ID for anyone 18 or older And one of the following for anyone 5 or older: Proof of vaccination Negative rapid test results within 24 hours Proof of negative PCR test within 48 hours Update as of 2-20-22: Masks are no longerContinue reading “COVID Precautions at Universal Studios Hollywood”