The Little Mermaid at Cupcake Theatre

On Friday, I saw The Little Mermaid on stage at the Cupcake Theatre. Cupcake Theatre is a tiny theatre located in an alleyway off of Berendo Ave in East Hollywood. If I hadn’t been to other events in the area, I might have found this to be suspect. But, there are a lot of popContinue reading “The Little Mermaid at Cupcake Theatre”

Channel Islands National Park Photo Journal

Start your journey of Channel Islands National Park in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, whether it’s kayaking to see sea lions, or to go on the boat tour of the park that takes you through the clearest water I’ve ever seen (at least in the fall that is), to see dolphins and other sea lifeContinue reading “Channel Islands National Park Photo Journal”

Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay

I went to Nojoqui Falls Park in November 2018, before the rainy season really got underway. Here is my Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay from my trip. While I felt safer making the short hike (.8 miles round trip) than some longer hikes due to being alone (there were others on the trail), there wereContinue reading “Nojoqui Falls Park Photo Essay”

Things to Do in Los Angeles on the 4th of July

There are any number of things to do in Los Angeles on the 4th of July depending on what area you are in. Fireworks Some of the most popular activities are firework viewings, and there is no limit to the options of where you can see fireworks in the Los Angeles area. July 4th FireworksContinue reading “Things to Do in Los Angeles on the 4th of July”

5 SoCal Cities to Visit

There is so much to do in SoCal that it would take many, many posts to list everything. I’ve brought together a bunch of hidden gems, so here are 5 SoCal cities to visit. 1. Santa Clarita Santa Clarita is a small town located approximately 1 hour north of Los Angeles via the 101 Freeway.Continue reading “5 SoCal Cities to Visit”

9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids

It can be hard planning a trip, especially when you have kids or pets along, so here are nine things to do in Santa Barbara with kids. 1. Santa Barbara Zoo When looking for things to do in Santa Barbara with kids, the Santa Barbara zoo should be at the top of your list. TheContinue reading “9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids”

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