Editing Services

There are three different types of editing. The editing services I provide are copy editing services, which is a line by line edit focusing on plot, character development, world building, sentence structure, etc.

What Kinds of Books Do I Edit?

  • Fantasy (particularly urban fantasy and magical realism)
  • Scifi (especially with Fantasy elements)
  • Paranormal

What is the Process to Request Editing Services?

Email me at andiecampbell@andiecampbellblog.com and include the following:

Subject: Editing Request

Genre of your book

Payment Type for your first 5,000 words: This is a flat fee of $50 that you can pay through paypal or my store. You may also apply for a trade. Please note that this will only be available if I have a book in need of editing. If your request for a trade is granted, I will send you 5,000 words of my book. Once you complete the edit or pay the $50 I will edit your 5,000 words.

Attached copy of the 5,000 words you would like me to edit or a link to the 5,000 words.

At this point, we both decide if it is a good fit. If we both decide to move forward, it is $900 for every 50,000 words or $.018 per word or an even exchange of words. In order for a trade to be approved, both of us need to be happy with the level of editing done. If I do not approve a requested trade, you have the option to pay the fee if you are still interested in the service. Payment plans are available.