November Travel Specials

Although November is the month of my birthday and Thanksgiving, November is getting into the Christmas season pretty much everywhere in the US. For this reason, AprilCoxTravel & Freelance’s November Travel Specials are Christmas specials.

AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!

AprilCoxTravel is officially reopened as of September 2022. I’ve switched from the MLM I was working with to a host agency that focuses entirely on travel, not recruiting others to pay for subscriptions. The price is much cheaper, and the trainings are much better. I will be planning a virtual grand reopening event, so stayContinue reading “AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!”

Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland has been said to be the happiest place on earth. There has been some debate about this in recent months. But, whether or not it is the happiest place on earth, a lot of people still want to go. You can obtain Disneyland tickets online via Disney’s website or through a Disney certified, licensedContinue reading “Disneyland Tickets”

9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids

It can be hard planning a trip, especially when you have kids or pets along, so here are nine things to do in Santa Barbara with kids. 1. Santa Barbara Zoo When looking for things to do in Santa Barbara with kids, the Santa Barbara zoo should be at the top of your list. TheContinue reading “9 Things to Do in Santa Barbara for Kids”

Valentine’s Day Solo Trip to Santa Barbara

Stay at Motel 6 Santa Barbara-Carpinteria South Begin your Valentine’s Day Solo trip in Santa Barbara by staying at Motel 6 Santa Barbara-Carpinteria South. Why? Because as a single, there is no reason to stay at a hotel right in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara itself is a romantic area. And, if you’re single on Valentine’sContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Solo Trip to Santa Barbara”

Best Valentine’s Getaways for Couples & Singles

Valentine Getaway #7. Catalina Island For couples: Romantic candlelit dinner for 2 Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dance Romantic views For Singles: Kayaking & snorkeling tours Hiking Valentine Getaway #6. Malibu For couples: Malibu Wine Safari Romantic sunsets & dinners spas hiking For singles: Malibu Stars & Homes tour Stand up paddle boarding tour Getty Villa ValentineContinue reading “Best Valentine’s Getaways for Couples & Singles”

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour 2

After lunch, the Universal Studios VIP tour focused on the rides. We rode Jurassic World and Transformers before lunch, and after lunch, we went to see Water World. I touch on Waterworld in the video above, but there are some things that didn’t make it into the video. I didn’t want to see it. Let’sContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour 2”

Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Rankings-based on 1/12/22 Trip

A couple of things before I get into the rankings… First, these are based on my day at Universal Studios Hollywood on 1/12/22, and so, they were influenced by things that happened that particular day (like me feeling sick, which almost never happens. I go to amusement parks multiple times a year, and I’ve beenContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Rankings-based on 1/12/22 Trip”

Vote Forward Event

I know it seems a bit early to be holding a voting event, but in California, where I live, it seems like there is always an election of some sort, whether it is voting on a new law or voting to recall someone. That is why I am holding a Super Majority Vote Forward Event.Continue reading “Vote Forward Event”

Travel Voucher Promotion

Hi, everyone! For New Years Eve, I’m doing a livestream on AprilCoxTravel at 9:30 PM pacific time. During this livestream and leading up to it, I am running a Travel Voucher Promotion for a raffle to win a free travel voucher for a discounted trip or cruise. You have until 12:30 AM January 1st PacificContinue reading “Travel Voucher Promotion”

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