How to Make Moving Photos from Harry Potter

For those of you that read my blog series from my birthday trip to Universal Studios, then you know I did a photo package with the ultimate result being my own moving photos. Based on what I observed and on what I have learned since then as a Youtuber, I am going to go throughContinue reading “How to Make Moving Photos from Harry Potter”

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Review

I went on the Warner Bros Studio Tour in September of last year. It costs $57 if you are a SoCal resident (you need to provide proof) and $69 if you are not a resident. I also purchased the photo bundle for an extra $39, which gives you one photo and one video at theContinue reading “Warner Brothers Studio Tour Review”

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Relationships

Rose & Scorpius The first time I read Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, I thought that Scorpius had a crush on Rose Weasley-Granger. I am not alone in this. When the book first came out, Hexrpg.com, a Harry Potter roleplaying site I am on, was littered with requests for Rose/Scorpius role-plays. Albus & ScorpiusContinue reading “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Relationships”

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Snack Rankings

#5. Mixed Nuts I love salty snacks, but these had so much salt on them that they weren’t really edible. And, I ultimately threw them away. I don’t recommend. #4. Toffee Balls Don’t get me wrong–nearly everything I got at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tasted good, but these were so sweet that itContinue reading “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child Snack Rankings”

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