Universal Hollywood VIP Experience Backlot Tour

Advertisements For tickets to your own Universal Hollywood VIP Experience. Now, for my Universal Hollywood VIP experience backlot tour. The Signs and Introduction I filmed all of this, but there are a couple of signs I noticed in particular: Meet the Fockers and Mama Mia! We also went by the location where Transformers, The AmazingContinue reading “Universal Hollywood VIP Experience Backlot Tour”

Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review

Advertisements As I stated on the overview video of the rides on my VIP Experience and in previous blog posts, Pets Off the Leash was not my favorite ride. I didn’t really dislike it–I like all of the rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it was just a little slow for my tastes.Continue reading “Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review”

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience Part III: Review & Character Interactions

Advertisements Studio Tour I’m not a huge movie buff–if you’ve read my movie review posts then you know this. As a result, the studio tour is not always my favorite part of the park. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy just about everything about the park, but I don’t go for the studio tour. Unfortunately, thisContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience Part III: Review & Character Interactions”

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