Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tickets

Advertisements The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located within 5 of the 6 Universal Studios parks, in Hollywood, Orlando, Osaka, and Beijing. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. If you are looking for information about Universal Studios in Osaka or Universal StudiosContinue reading “Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tickets”

Tips for Casting Spells in Hogsmeade

Advertisements Here are my tips for casting spells in Hogsmeade. Not really a tip, but you must have an interactive wand in order to cast spells. Tip #1: Keep Your Wrist Still According to a Wizarding World Emplyee, I was flicking my wrist too much. Or maybe I was flourishing it too much?. Remind youContinue reading “Tips for Casting Spells in Hogsmeade”

Universal Studios Hollywood February 2022 Updates, Tips, & Tricks

Advertisements Universal Studios Hollywood updates, tips, & tricks from my February 17 trip. COVID Restrictions With state and county restrictions lessening, the mask mandate for Universal Studios has been lifted. Masks are still required indoors, but you are no longer required to wear them outdoors. They also did not check for covid vaccination or negativeContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood February 2022 Updates, Tips, & Tricks”

Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Rankings-based on 1/12/22 Trip

Advertisements A couple of things before I get into the rankings… First, these are based on my day at Universal Studios Hollywood on 1/12/22, and so, they were influenced by things that happened that particular day (like me feeling sick, which almost never happens. I go to amusement parks multiple times a year, and I’veContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Rankings-based on 1/12/22 Trip”

My Christmas Eve Universal Experience: Hogsmeade

Advertisements Going to an amusement park on Christmas Eve has become a tradition for me. And, although I don’t go every year, I try to go when I can. This year I chose to have a Christmas Eve Universal Experience in Hollywood. Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey I started my Christmas Eve Universal ExperienceContinue reading “My Christmas Eve Universal Experience: Hogsmeade”

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Private VIP Tour

Advertisements The VIP Tour was probably my favorite part of the trip–really, there are no probablies about it–it was my favorite. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Universal Studios offers group and private VIP tours. For my birthday, since I had come into some money, I went for the private VIP tour option, whichContinue reading “Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Private VIP Tour”

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